creating folders on Netapp SMB/CIFS advertised shares with a Mac, and how it affects inherited permissions

Unfortunately I have not been able to verify this beyond a shadow of a doubt, however I think that any enterprise with a heterogenous computer environment should be aware of the inherited permissions quirkiness that comes with creating files and folders with an OS X client on an SMB or CIFS advertised shared resident on a Netapp server.

It seems that this issue occurs when one of two things happens:

  1. A folder or file created by a Mac on a CIFS or SMB share advertised by a Netapp will fail to inherit any ACLs set on it’s parent folder.
  2. A shared folder on an actual Windows server is moved to a Netapp host. This move can be done by a Mac or Windows computer. The files/folders will fail to inherit their parents’ permissions correctly.

Files created by Windows clients inherit permissions correctly, and forcing the ACLs to cascade resolves the permissions issue, though any new files or folders created/copied by a Mac will not inherit permissions correctly.

Myself and our storage and networking team are currently looking into why this is the case with CIFS or SMB advertised netapp shares, and I will post any updates here.

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