how to delegate folders in Entourage 2004 without using Outlook

Yes, some institutions are still using Entourage 2004 as their Exchange client of choice and have not yet made the leap to Office 2011 for Mac. This was partly due to Excel 2008’s lack of support for VB scripting. Nevertheless some users will inevitably need to delegate their Exchange folders to other users. The quick and dirty way of doing this is basically to enable delegation using Outlook for Windows and the next time the user opens Entourage, the folders are properly delegated. However this is a pain and it’s always nicer to use a single tool to accomplish a goal.

Entourage 2004 does include limited support for the proprietary MAPI protocol, so we can perform tasks like delegation and set permissions on folders we want to share. However in order to do so Entourage 2004 must be connected to a backend Exchange server. Typically companies will have a forward facing OWA server with a web address similar to the following “; Entourage can connect to both the forward facing and backend Exchange server addresses for email, contacts, and calendar support, but can only delegate folders using the backend server connection. In order to connect to the backend server address, use the private DNS name of your exchange server in the Tools > Accounts > <Exchange Account> >Account Settings > Exchange Server: field, and the same address/public in the Tools > Accounts > <Exchange Account> > Advanced > Public Folders Server: field. Then, on the Delegate tab, you can simply click “Add” under My delegates, search for the user’s name who you want to delegate to, select what permissions to give them to what folders, and click OK. On their end they simply need to enable a connection to another users folder, and add your username to their Outlook or Entourage email client.

The real trick here is how to connect Entourage to the Exchange server using WebDAV (forward facing web address) while still allowing for delegation. In order to do that, set Entourage up using the forward facing address of the Exchange server, and under the Delegate tab in Accounts click the Advanced button and enter the private DNS name of the Exchange server*. Note you’ll get an error about Entourage not being able to use a secure connection to set delegation options, but this works just the same.

* This only works if the private DNS name is for a different Exchange server (i.e.: an environment with multiple Exchange servers).

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