en_GB language pack failure during Adobe CS5 installation

For some reason when installing the International English version of Adobe CS5 (take your pick here between Design STD, Premium, Master Collection, it seems this affects multiple different editions of CS5), you may run into installation failures. This can usually be identified by the rather obtuse error message that Illustrator CS5 failed to install and to please visit Adobe’s’ support pages for assistance. Sometimes all the packages will fail, and sometimes Photoshop will fail rather than Illustrator. Take your pick here.

The first place to check is the Adobe install log. You are looking for error messages similar to the following:

ERROR: 10 Command ARKDeleteFileCommand failed.
ERROR: 28 Unable to preserve original file at "/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Profiles" Error 0
ERROR: 28 Command ARKDeleteFileCommand failed.
ERROR: The following payload errors were found during install:
ERROR:  - Adobe Illustrator CS5_AdobeIllustrator15en_GBLanguagePack: Install failed
ERROR:  - AdobeColorCommonSetCMYK: Install failed
ERROR:  - Adobe Illustrator CS5: Failed due to Language Pack installation failure
ERROR:  - AdobeColorVideoProfilesCS CS5: Install failed


WARNING: LocalizeFile:Localized string not found for locale 'en_GB' try fetching for en_US
WARNING: Payload cannot be installed due to dependent operation failure
WARNING: Payload cannot be installed due to dependent operation failure
WARNING: 10872 Skip: Directory already exists
WARNING: 10874 Skip: Directory already exists


Exit Code: 7
-------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------
- 1 fatal error(s), 5 error(s), 0 warning(s)
ERROR: Found payload conflicts and errors:
ERROR:  - Adobe Photoshop CS5 Core depends on AdobeColorPhotoshop CS5 to be installed.
ERROR:  - Adobe Photoshop CS5 Core depends on AdobeColorVideoProfilesCS CS5 to be installed.
ERROR:  - Adobe After Effects CS5 depends on AdobeMotionPicture CS5 to be installed.
ERROR:  - Adobe After Effects CS5 depends on AdobeColorVideoProfilesAE CS5 to be installed.
FATAL ERROR: Conflicts were found in the selected payloads. Halting installation.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

I’m not entirely sure why these error messages are generated, seemingly only for CS5 products, however it seems to be related to the /Library/ColorSync/Profiles and /Library/Application Support/Adobe/caps directories. Both of these directories are edited permissions-wise by my company to facilitate some automated installs of icc profiles among other tools for our creative staff’s workflows. It’s possible that Adobe’s installer is expecting to see a certain file structure, and failing this, just “skips” installing certain files/libraries, go Adobe!

Renaming or removing the following directories/files, using one of the CS5 app’s “Uninstall” programs (because it looks like something always gets installed), and then running Adobe’s CS5 Cleanup tool seems to resolve these installation issues:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/caps/Media_db.db
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/caps/pdb.db

Note that the two files – pdb.db and Media_db.db – are removed when running the CS5 cleanup tool, so my thoughts would be that this is only necessary if the installer has previously failed. I have not seen it clean up any other directories or files. Make sure to tell it to clean all CS5, even if nothing shows up in the utility’s browser.

To automate this solution, since it’s a real pain when trying to install en masse, I’ve delved into Adobe’s installer package to edit the preInstall script that supposedly runs check on various “things” before installation, and added these renaming steps to mitigate having to run these manually from the CLI and then run the GUI CS5 Cleanup tool after-the-fact.

mv /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Profiles /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Profiles.bak
mv /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Recommended /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Recommended.bak
if [ -e /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/caps/Media_db.db ]; then
     mv /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/caps/Media_db.db /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/caps/Media_db.db.bak
if [ -e /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/caps/pdb.db ]; then
     mv /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/caps/pdb.db /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/caps/pdb.db.bak

Credit to the following Adobe Support Forums post and user bhatnaga for pointing out a lot of this information: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/655983?tstart=1.

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