safari 5.1 incompatible with Adobe PDFViewer.plugin 10.1.1

You may have noticed that the most recent update to Safari, v5.1, has rendered Acrobat Reader X’s internet plugin unusable. According to Adobes own tech support, Reader X v10.1.1 is not compatible with the 5.1 version of Safari: Nor is it compatible with Firefox v3.x.

Usually this is not a big deal since Apple’s built-in PDF viewer, Preview, plugin can handle pretty much anything the Adobe plugin can, however some vendors such as ADP may require the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin when viewing PDFs on their website (my company utilizes ADPs ESS portal to allow employees to view and download their paystubs).

Obviously the solution here would be to NOT update Safari to v5.1, however if you already have you know it’s quite a pain to roll back your version of Safari to 5.0.5, especially in an enterprise environment. Since no fix is available from either Apple or Adobe (and none is on the horizon either for that matter) the only recourse in this instance is to use a 3rd party browser like Firefox or not use sites that require the Acrobat plugin. Luckily Firefox 3.6.x is in use as a secondary browser at my company and a plugin is available here: Note that this plugin installs into the user’s home folder by default, so you must move it to the /Library/Application Support/Mozilla/Extensions folder to make it available to ALL users on the computer.

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