making the Diamond bvu195 USB video adapter work for your mac

Solved an interesting tech support call this afternoon. One of my company’s Creative departments had their aging Mac Pro (original) replaced with a brandy new 27″ iMac, the model just before the dual Thunderbolt/Display Port iMacs came out. Drat! After deployment, we found out that this unit needs to run a 3-display set up (the iMac display, a projector, and a Polycom video conferencing unit). The project manger did not want to spend the money on a Matrox unit or similar, and certainly did not want to replace it with a new iMac or Mac Pro, but it needed to drive 3 displays. A Diamond BVU195 USB Video adapter was purchased due to it’s “ease of use.”

However, the product packaging does not disclose that the Mac needs drivers to make the device work, only Windows does, and goes so far as to ONLY include the Windows drivers on a CD. To make matters worse, Diamond’s website makes no mention of a mac driver, and the only driver links provided are for non-mac OSes (even though Mac OSX is included under the “OS” part of their driver downloads page).

The device will be seen by the Mac OS if you look at the USB devices in System Profiler, but it just won’t actually do anything. After about an hour trolling the internet for any scrap of information I could find, I found drivers by a company called Display Link. These drivers are not in fact specific to this device, but work just the same. You can download them here:

After installing driver and restarting, voila! The adapter fired up and I had a third display showing an(other) extended desktop.

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