Uninstalling Safari 4

When Safari 4 was in beta, Apple packaged it with an uninstaller, but now that it’s been released for production the uninstaller has been removed and it is quite difficult to get rid of. Follow the below instructions for uninstalling Safari.

  1. Download Pacifist. If you do not have it, get it here.
  2. Download the Safari 3.2.3 .dmg (note that this is the Leopard installer, for Tiger you’ll have to search manually.
  3. In Pacifist open the installer package that came with the Safari download. Select the Resources tab and expand the Safari 3.2.3 package.
  4. Select the file called “Payload” and click the “Extract To” button in the toolbar.
  5. Double-click the saved file and it should be extracted like a .zip file into a folder called payload.
  6. In that folder there is another folder called Applications, inside you will find the Safari 3.2.3 application. Copy this application to someplace nice and you should be able to run it as is.
  7. For the rest of these steps you must have the developer tools installed. Ctl-click (right-click) on the Safari 3 application and select “Show Package Contents.”
  8. Navigate to info.plist in the pop-up window. Open it with property list editor.
  9. Edit CFBundleIdentifier: (e.g.: com.apple.Safari -> com.apple.Safari323).
  10. Edit CFBundleName: (e.g.: Safari -> Safari 323).
  11. Close the plist file and save.

Congratulations! You should now be able to run Safari 3 and 4. A less convoluted way to remove safari 4 is to Archive and Install OS X, but that has its own drawbacks. You can also avoid having to do this altogether by ignoring the update in Software Update if you haven’t downloaded and installed Safari 4 already. Just open software update, find the Safari 4.0.2 update, single-click on it, then select Update -> Ignore Update.

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