Taking DVD Screenshots in OS X

If you’ve ever tried to take a screencapture when playing back a DVD in OS X you’ve prolly encoutered the surprinsgly obtuse error message

“Screen grabs are unavailable during DVD playback. Please quit DVD Player first.”

Oddly enough this ill-advised protection scheme is confined to the application and so is surprisingly trivial to work around. Here’s How:

Open a terminal and create a file called “screengrab” which contains this line:

screencapture -i Desktop/sreenshot.png

(Don’t forget to invoke the shell with #!) Save that.

You’ll need Quicksilver to bind this script to a hot key combo. [Get Quicksilver]
(Don’t forget to enable to Terminal plugin)

Open the Triggers pane in Quicksilver, + to add a new action;  give it the path to your script and select “Run command in Shell”

Save your new action and you’ll see “none” in the last column under triggers. Click there and a panel will slide out to choose which key combination to bind it to.

Presto, you’re now ready to take screen shots while a DVD is playing back.

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